About Us

About Us

AGC is a sales and service representative company established to take suppliers and customers to a new level of interaction. With attention to communication, we work to eliminate wasted resources. Knowledge, speed to service, maximum interaction, and empowering the customer with market information, AGC works to foster a true relationship that is mutually beneficial.

AGC is here for its customers. Representing firms with a technical understanding, and focused approach to bringing innovative solutions to our customers.

AGC is available around the clock for your facility's needs.

Our core product portfolio revolves around process plant and manufacturing equipment. In addition AGC offers Green Environmental Remediation Technology and Construction Management Solutions.

From AMACS' mass transfer products, to Precision Screen Manufacturing's wire and metal products AGC is here for your industrial and commercial requirements. AGC can also refer you to the best installation and retrofitting companies for the materials we provide.

Belae Environmental introduces a revolutionary in-situ remediation technology. Completely non-toxic, non-hazardous, this green solution can break down your organic contaminates bringing brownfields and contaminated properties back to life.

American Ingenuity is an engineering group that brings experience and knowledge to companies in need.

Contact us to find out how we can help you be more successful.

How We Can Help

At AGC, it is all about the customer. We help our principles understand their potential markets and tailor they products and services to fit the exact need of their customer. We evaluate our principles’ strengths and weaknesses, improve where we can long term and maximize opportunities short term. At AGC we position for growth and execute with accuracy.

When evaluating our principles' strengths we determine where we can offer the most value to our customers. Focusing on value to the customer in turn drives sales and new price points for that established value. Revenue is the end result by understanding the market and its established value.

With over 10 years in the industry, we have either worked alongside, worked with, or networked with your potential customer. If the Gulf Coast is where your company is looking to do business, AGC can get you started on the right foot faster and efficiently.